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At mandatory meeting with prof to discuss our progress, Darcy gets herself worked up because she "can't understand" the topic. Prof asks why. How can I present on it? I side eye the professor thinking, look what we've been dealing with for weeks.

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I've never seen such a perfect deer in the headlights look. Prof talks us through breaking down assignment and we agree Darcy should just do the intro--easy peasy, right? Apparently not. Another partner made the mistake of giving out her phone number and Darcy calls her at about 2 am complaining about how hard the project is and she doesn't understand. She ranted for over an hour, Classmate thinks she was drunk--now in my mind I call her "Drunk Darcy.

People Share Stories About The Most They’ve Seen A Former Classmate Change At A High School Reunion

Day of the presentation comes and we're ready to be done with stupid topic and Darcy. Her intro is about five minutes worth of information about how only Europe had the industrial revolution because only white people were smart enough to invent it. We were mortified, and we still had to get up and present our info. That presentation was the lowest grade I got in the class, but the prof stopped doing group presentations after that. For as long as Darcy was on campus, if she saw anyone in the group she'd corral them and complain about the group presentation topic.

I learned to stare at the ground if I saw her walking around so we wouldn't have to talk. I'm glad she was trying to get an education, but oh boy did she always seem confused and overwhelmed. I use to go to school with this really big. His problems included. Screaming at a girl in high school who didn't say a word to him accusing her of saying he smelled and telling the entire class what a whore she was while throwing and punching things.

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Wearing a dog collar and exclaiming he was a furry to the entire school on multiply occasions no seriously. In high school she was definitely more of an outcast. Super nice, on good terms with everyone, but always always talking to herself. It was a little unsettling, because we were a super tiny town and sheltered school so we all thought she was mentally ill. Like, she was having full own conversations with herself but muttered so you just couldn't hear what was being said, but her face was extremely serious.

Turns out she was learning Mandarin in her spare time out side of school. So all those times she was talking to herself she was really just practicing conversational Mandarin. She's going to a top university right now and just a few months away from completing her PhD, after which I believe she's neurosurgeon.

She's still nice as hell. The backlash from liberal Americans was so severe, Karamo's son started receiving death threats. With the rise of the WalgreensFluFighter hashtag on Instagram, this week's topic of choice is whether or not to vaccinate our children —and the anti-vaxxers are taking it personally. Have you ever read a think-piece article where it's blatantly obvious that the author didn't bother to, ya know, think?

Brace yourselves, because we're about to talk about an article that sent readers down a bathroom-related rabbit hole that insists pretty much all of our home restrooms are terrifying and dangerous. An year-old man who has become the first person in the UK to cycle a million miles has declared he has a million miles yet to go before he dies. Most Read. Hungry For Knowledge Giphy Dear god. I have a great story. Furry Weird, Indeed A girl I went to elementary school with used to think she was a dog.

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Now That's A Plot Twist Giphy I unenthusiastically attended my 5 year reunion because a few of my friends I hadn't seen in forever we're going. Forget Truth, Just Dare This guys at my school would literally do anything you dared him to do. Nope, nope, nope. Giphy I had just returned to public school after homeschooling for a few years moved a lot during that time. Eat It Up He ate his vocabulary book at a rate of one or two pages a day throughout the school year.

Not So Perfect Mrs. Darcy Giphy Older lady, let's call her Darcy, in a lit class. I'm glad she was trying to get an education, but oh boy did she always seem confused and overwhelmed SavvyCavy. Albert I use to go to school with this really big. All proceeds from the event will go toward these organizations in order to support higher education for students with disabilities. The proceeds will also allow students dealing with chronic and terminal illnesses to remain enrolled in school and get both the financial and mental support they need.

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  • People Share Stories About The Most They’ve Seen A Former Classmate Change At A High School Reunion!
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In total, Zhang hopes this race — or walk — can bring awareness to these sometimes invisible illnesses. Skip to main content.

Search form. Students run relay race in honor of former classmate. Sunday, October 27, - pm. We had a guy at my high school who was He would walk through the hallway with a sharpened pencil extended in front of him like a spear and say "Make way, make way, mere mortals!

He also got in trouble for looking up "porn" on the library computer. Of course, actual porn sites were blocked, so he "researched" pictures of Roman and Greek statutes of nude women. I moved to a new state my sophomore year of high school. I, obviously, didn't know anyone so I had no idea what kids were considered weird. In my first couple of weeks, the kid that sat behind me asked if I could get him a tissue. The box of tissues was on a window ledge right beside me, so I oblige and hand him one.

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He just looked at me and smiled, I looked around the room and everyone was staring at him This is actually less 'annoying-weird' and more 'I-am-in-awe-but-also-confused' kind of weird. In grade 4, there was this boy in my class, he was cool, he was obsessed with tanks, and loved to draw them from memory during class. I was a girl, and the other girls thought it was weird that I wanted to hang out with a boy, but the girls were jerks, so I didn't care.

Former street boy addicted to drugs rescued by former classmate

Anyway, once during lunch time, he told me he was a bee whisperer, and told me to follow him. There was this big bush full of pink flowers in one corner of the school yard, and it was full of bees. He puts his finger near the bush, and one bee lands on his finger. He tells me the key is to be gentle, and make them trust you by not being afraid. He then picks a flower that one bee was sitting on, and slowly folds the petals into the middle and pinches it between his fingers, essentially trapping the bee.

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He then puts the flower, with the bee, in his pocket, and we continue building stuff out of sticks. Then recess is over, and in the middle of class, he taps me on the elbow, opens his pocket, and lets the bee crawl out. I just watch, as he lets the bee crawl over and between his fingers, until one girl nearby shrieks "James has a bee! The teacher looks up, and in a bit of a panic, demands he let the bee go outside. He does, just walks outside with the bee just sitting in the palm of his hand.

That was the first and last time he ever showed me the bee thing, and he moved away at the end of that year. I'm naturally skeptical, and maybe my childish wonder at that time distorted my memory somehow, but a part of me still believes that the King of the Bees is out there, somewhere. A girl I went to elementary school with used to think she was a dog. She would act like a dog; panting, barking, licking her arms, etc.