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Sex Offender Registry in Texas: Stigma and Second Chances

Always striving to help our clients secure the best possible results, we believe in going above and beyond the legal call of duty to help our clients win. In July , we were devastated by some evil spirits, who brought serious allegation against my son. Scott is currently handling a case of a very serious nature for my brother.

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My brother was scheduled to appear in court for a pre-trial detention hearing. I attended the hearing in support of my brother as he could have potentially been Scott Palmer is the best choice I could have made.

Registered Sex Offenders At Most Texas Universities

Two more cases dismissed. He kept pushing and pushing until it looked like I might have to plea and he looked some more until they finally realized they didn't have anything. Scott has also Well this charge came back to bite me in may of I was doing a lot of research on attorneys Criminal Defense Sex Crimes. Don't Wait for Counsel.

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Are you a new client? Yes, I am a potential new client. Nikolaev worked as a truck driver and often stayed in his truck for several nights. Although he spent a substantial amount of time in his truck, this did not count as his residence in terms of the requirement to register, so the State could not force him to register his truck as his residence.

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Likewise in Thomas v. State, S. Texarkana , Mr.

Important Caveats

Thomas received a criminal trespass order to stay away from his apartment building. Due to the criminal trespass order, Mr. Thomas was forced to stay elsewhere, however; he maintained that he possessed every intention of returning to his apartment. Because Mr. Thomas intended to return to his apartment, the State could not prove that Mr.

Thomas had a duty to register somewhere else. Finally in Jordan v. State, WL Tex. Jordan intended to move from his residence. In this case, Mr.

Sex Offenders Request

Jordan had no intention of moving from the residence and his rent payment, failure to leave the property, and failure to secure any other means of residence, proved that the State failed to show any intent to changes residences. A person with a duty to register as a sex offender does not have to spend every hour of every day at his or her registered address. In Silber v. The Court held that a person who registers at a certain address does not have to remain there every day and night.

Texas Registration of a Sex Offender Attorney

The person must only prove that he or she visited the residence fairly often in order for the registration to remain valid. Recently in Lee v. State, WL Corpus Christi , the court reversed a conviction for failure to register as a sex offender because the police failed to make time to meet with the defendant. In this case, William Joseph Lee was charged with failure to register as a sex offender. The local law enforcement rescheduled on Mr.