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Telephone country and area codes. DEN Queries can also be directed to arcpoh adelaide. NDTIS consists of several modules: oral health status, perceived need, access to dental services and visiting behaviour, treatment received in the previous 12 months, waiting time for dental care, social impact of oral health status, barriers to accessing dental care, cardholder status, dental insurance status and sociodemographics.

In the following modules were included: dental health concerns and type of income support payments received by families with children aged The NDTIS is a random sample survey that collects information on the dental health and use of dental services of Australians in all states and territories.

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  5. The scope of the survey includes both public and private dental services, and emergency as well as general visits i. The survey data included people aged 5 years and over who were resident in households that had a telephone number listed in the electronic White Pages and people who were contactable by mobile telephone.

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    Those who did not have a mobile phone and were not listed in the electronic White Pages were not represented in the sample. As NDTIS does not specifically identify dental services provided through hospitals, or services provided for orthodontic reasons, it was not possible to exclude these services from usage rates. The target sample size for the NDTIS was 6, adults aged 18 years or older, and 1, children aged 5—17 years.

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    The number of survey participants after data editing was completed is provided in the following table. Age group. Sample size. Data were collected from a random sample of Australians selected using an overlapping dual sampling frame design. Both landline and mobile telephone numbers were provided on records where applicable. A stratified two-stage sample design was used to select a sample of persons from this sampling frame.

    A systematic sample of records was selected from each stratum using specified sampling fractions. Once telephone contact was made with a selected household, one person aged 18 years or older was randomly selected.

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    On completion of the adult questionnaire, if the household contained children aged years then one child was randomly selected to participate in the survey. The details were published in the White Pages directories.

    Credit: Viki Lascaris. A spokesman from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner said it had been notified.

    Thousands of Optus mobile numbers mistakenly published in White Pages. The Sydney Morning Herald.