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The recommended property tax rate keeps the rate within the County's Charter limit. Promote existing mechanisms for senior citizens and those on limited incomes to assist them as needed with property tax increases, such as the Senior Tax Credit program that benefits eligible residents who are at least 65 years of age. Retains the energy tax rate at the level approved by the Council for FY19, preserving an important stable and broad-based revenue source that includes Federal institutions that otherwise pay no taxes in exchange for County services.

The initiative currently has 27 nonprofit, private and government partners who are collaboratively assessing families' needs, determining risks, tracking the success of referrals made for service, and identifying trend data. The mitigation efforts have included setting up direct financial assistance to businesses impacted by County projects; increased way-finding signage; improved presence in social media; and directing access to technical assistance and other resources.

Collaboration Partners: Office of Intergovernmental Relations. Description: As reflected under "Accomplishments," the Office of Intergovernmental Relations continued to collaborate extensively throughout the year with the County Executive, County Council, Department Directors, departmental liaisons and other key staff, independent agencies, the County's many Boards, Committees and Commissions, and other stakeholders involved in federal and State matters. PIO is undertaking a major, ongoing, multi -faceted effort to keep residents in the community updated on the project's progress, and to make them aware that businesses are open during construction.

Description: MC's Community Engagement Team has partnered with multiple County departments to educate County residents of the wide range of services offered through Montgomery County Government. MC has implemented strategies to engage customers through face-to-face meetings, public forums, and social media. By utilizing partnerships with libraries, home owners associations, neighborhood associations, and other similiar entities, the Community Engagement Team has taken the " experience " to the community.

Description: The Board has dramatically improved its field support, responsiveness, and ability to communicate swiftly and effectively with up to polling places on Election Day, at no additional cost to County taxpayers. The Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security offered the use of its public alert notification system, which can also be used for targeted communication and text response.

During the Presidential Election, the Board experimented with a pilot project, expanded its use in the Gubernatorial Election, and intends to expand this partnership to communicate with employees and with early voting sites for the Presidential Election. Description: Operating budget forums were held in conjunction with the County Executive's Office and the five Regional Services Centers.

Description: OMB facilititated operating budget cluster meetings to promote collaboration, information sharing, cost-savings, and efficiency among departments. Since , OMB has hosted eight Project Search participants and hired two of those participants to permanent positions. Description: OMB partnered with staff from the County Council to conduct three information and training sessions on the County's Community Grant application and award process. The sessions were held across the County and were attended by representatives from community non-profit organizations.

Description: Collaborated with the Department of Technology Services and the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security OEMHS to secure grant funding for OEMHS to assist in formulating a strategy to address disaster recovery and operational continuity of the County's critical enterprise financial systems in the event of a prolonged outage. This grant will be used to develop a disaster recovery and continuity of operation solution for the County's ERP system.

Description: On March 7, , Office of Procurement coordinated an event for staff to offer brief remarks at the Silver Spring Library regarding the mission of the Prevailing Wage Program and the importance of complying with the Prevailing Wage Law. Description: On March 29, , the Division of Business Relations and Compliance participated in a business matchmaking event for current and potential entrepreneurs in collaboration with the Capital Regional Minority Suppliers.

Accomplishments and Initiatives

Washington Convention Center in Washington, D. Description: The following were hosted or presented in part by the Division of Business Relations and Compliance:. Description: Supported the Department of Technology Services to improve the accessibility of the County's website, including creating accessible map solutions to replace older non-accessible static maps.

Financial benefits included seed capital for the nation's first Green Bank, funding for low- and moderate-income weatherization, workforce development, and other programs. Implemented two nationally recognized microgrid projects under a public-private partnership. Continue to coordinate the policy and public benefits from the merger of Altagas Ltd and WGL holdings to benefit public infrastructure, multifamily housing, and other uses.

Doing so ensures the Park's operation during federal closures and ensures continuity of programming, as well timely building and grounds maintenance.

A Few Key Terms

During the build cycle, DFMS will participate in on-site inspections. In these videos, the consumers explain how they were faced with a scam, how they recognized the scam, and how they were able to "bust" the scam and not become a victim. Description: Continue to collaborate with the County government partners; the State Highway Administration; and several other associations, committees, and offices in the second year of the 2-year Vision Zero action plan. Description: MCPD continues to be a partner in the Family Justice Center, which offers comprehensive services for victims of domestic violence.

Description: Ongoing partnerships with HHS to provide critical services including support to the Crisis Intervention Team; the Opiate Overdose Response Program; and the Stop, Triage, Engage, Educate, and Rehabilitate STEER program, which deflects low-risk individuals with substance use disorders away from the criminal justice system and directly into community-based treatment. Description: Partnership between the Montgomery County Commission on Aging and the MCPD Volunteer Resources Sections to administer the Keeping Seniors Safe program, which is designed to increase awareness of safety issues within the senior community and provide related guidance and resources to seniors.

The partnerships help aid investigations and responses to the increase in the number of bias incidents in the County. Description: Children, Youth, and Family Services and MCPS have developed a shared data platform to review and monitor the educational status of youth.

Description: The East County Opportunity Zone Project continues to build a network that supports workforce development, health and wellness, and parent engagement in an under-served community. It has provided assistance with eviction prevention, utility disconnection prevention, childcare services, vocational employment assistance, senior services, behavioral health services, and assistance with somatic health.

Description: Services to End and Prevent Homelessness worked with the Continuum of Care system, a County-wide public-private partnership, to implement a strategy for prioritizing individuals and families for housing and services based on their needs. The new Coordinated Entry System maximizes resources by using a common assessment tool to assign the most appropriate housing intervention based on a household's vulnerability. This forum allows parents and caregivers to interact with their children through reading and participating in activities and allows children to learn social skills by interacting with their peers.

The program will be expanded to other recreation centers. Seventy-seven volunteers supported the program, giving over 2, hours.

Who Gets the House in a Divorce Settlement in Maryland?

Each contribute to the salary of a Senior Information Technology Specialist who serves as the System Administrator and liaison with the software vendor, in addition to a County Senior Accountant to manage the distribution of funds. Representatives from each entity participate on various committees to make decisions that impact the operations of the other partners.

The Group will solicit, select, integrate, and transition the new vendor into a joint operating system to serve the needs of all three Agencies. Description: The Community Use of Public Facilities CUPF works with various entities to enable the community to use public facilities for a variety of activities when not in use by the tenant organization. This includes schools, public libraries, Montgomery Park fields, and meeting rooms in County buildings. CUPF reimburses the Montgomery County Board of Education for the cost impacts of community use, funds two subsidy programs, returns funds to the general fund, and contributes to special maintenance projects.

Description: Educational classes such as English as a Second Language ESL , citizenship classes, English conversation clubs, and tutoring spaces are offered to residents at libraries. Language learning materials are provided in a variety of formats and languages enabling communities to learn more about different cultures while sharing information.


Maryland COBRA (Health Insurance Continuation) laws & HR compliance analysis

Residents are offered informative programs that cultivate an appreciation of individual and collective histories and inter-generational awareness. Description: Ensure that all middle school students at MCPS have the opportunity to have a library card. Engage children and families with informative programs, library tours, and events that cultivate an appreciation of libraries and volunteer opportunities. Description: Provided workforce development programs targeting job seekers to include workshops on job search strategies, successful interviewing, resume writing, applying for jobs with Montgomery County, LinkedIn Bootcamps, and career re-entry seminar series for women.

Business programs offer classes in English and Spanish for entrepreneurs and small business owners on starting a business, business finance basics, social media for small businesses, building a website for small business, and an online high school diploma program. Financial Literacy offerings include programs on divorce and money, financial planning , envisioning your financial future, planning for retirement, entrepreneurship, and protecting against identity theft. Description: Media labs engage youth and older adults in using digital media, music, and multimedia production as a form of expression and developing their programming skills in libraries.

Technology training classes for older adults in English and Spanish are available at several libraries.

Divorce in Maryland

Description: In partnership with Community Use of Public Facilities and Montgomery County Parks, ActiveMontgomery provides residents with online registration and access to programs, classes, events, and facility use. This system streamlines operations providing customers and constituents with ease of use encouraging community participation.

The program provides participants ages with opportunities for skills development, personal growth, and the satisfaction of completing projects that benefit our County and State natural resources. In partnership with Transcend, Maryland's Promise, and the National Center for Children and Families, TeenWorks ensures vulnerable youth receive priority referrals for youth employment opportunities. Partnership between Seniors and TeenWorks to employ youth to provide computer literacy training to seniors.

In partnership with the Hispanic Business Foundation, TeenWorks provides employability and financial literacy skills to newly arrived Latino youth who earn a stipend for participation. In collaboration with Worksource Montgomery, TeenWorks provides referrals for disconnected youth young adults not in school or working to employment and training opportunities. Description: In partnership with Montgomery County Police, we seek to strengthen the relationship between youth and law enforcement to enhance trust and understanding within communities, discuss neighborhood issues, and deter youth from engaging in risky behavior.

Police are participating in an arts-based initiative through the Excel Beyond the Bell program. Description: Montgomery County Recreation's expanded soccer program Soccer4Change targets vulnerable youth with Identity, the City of Gaithersburg, and the Department of Health and Human Services' Street Outreach Network to provide instruction, coaching, transportation, enrichment, and other program supports to ensure youth are healthy, connected, and productive during out-of-school time.

The partners work to remove barriers by building program schedules conducive to working youth, providing bilingual staff, providing free uniforms and transportation to address barriers that often prevent students from participating in school-based programs. This includes transportation to five senior centers and four Active Adult program locations.

Description: First Tee of Greater Washington offers free golf instruction to 4th and 5th grade participants in Recreation's Club Adventure program in the East County area. Instruction includes driving range skills and putting green practice that provide participants a first time golf experience.

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Description: This program partners with Police and HHS Aging and Disability Services to encourage seniors to bring in old or expired medications so that they can be disposed of properly. A pharmacist is often present to answer medication-related questions.