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Despite the recent culture of caution surrounding Social Security numbers, some employers ask for a Social Security number on a job application. Employers may request Social Security numbers on a job application due to a misunderstanding of how these numbers are used in the hiring and on-boarding process. As a small business owner, you may find that job applicants are somewhat suspicious of providing you with personal information in the beginning stages of the hiring process. This may be particularly true when asking applicants to submit applications online.

Unfortunately, this may lead to some good candidates bypassing your company in favor of employers who do not request Social Security numbers or other sensitive information on an application form. State and local labor laws may place restrictions on the types of information that you can ask for on a job application.

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Ask your attorney to review applications forms to ensure that they are in compliance with all laws, regulations and ordinances. Because of the sensitive nature of Social Security numbers, it is very important that you have a process for protecting and, when necessary, disposing of this information.

Documents containing this information should be segregated from less sensitive paperwork and access to these documents should be granted only on a "need to have" basis. For example, you may wish to restrict access to these documents to senior human resources workers.

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Meanwhile, hiring managers and administrative staff who may request and collect these documents should be provided with the process for keeping them secure until they are turned over to human resources. In addition, there should also be a process for destroying documents with sensitive employee information after it is no longer necessary to keep these documents on file. Lainie Petersen is a full-time freelance writer living in Chicago. Review Federal District Court access fees.

International Criminal Search Searches for crimes and offenses that are comparable to Felonies through our global search network. Especially important when outsourcing or hiring foreign nationals.

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Call for rates per country. Employment Verification Verifies the accuracy and honesty of your candidates' claims to past employment, including start date, end date and position. Other information can include salary, performance, productivity, attendance, reasons for leaving, and eligibility for rehire. Any charges from these third parties will be charged in addition to the search fee. Pricing for education verifications are per degree or educational institution verified. We ask relevant questions to enable you to determine if your candidate is the right fit for the position.

Price is per reference checked. Results include: license type, date and state of issuance, expiration date and restrictions. This search is invaluable for healthcare industry candidates. The search is especially important for assessing past business relationships. Courthouse fees may apply. Bankruptcy Records A comprehensive bankruptcy filing search for your candidate or business.

Why Social Security Number is Important in Background Screening

Shows whether the bankruptcy was classified as 7, 11, or 13, includes any additional debtors, liability amount, and filing date. This search is important when screening for accounting, managerial, and executive candidates, as well as contractors, business partners and vendors. Lien and Judgments Identifies all lien and judgment filings for your candidate or business. Identifies all plaintiffs, defendants and the liability amount. This is a vital search for managerial and executive candidates, as well as a contractors, business partners, and vendors.

The Registered Sex Offender search is vital for the healthcare industry, childcare screening, and any type of position dealing with children. Oftentimes, Wants and Warrants may be issued at the County level for lesser violations such as not going to traffic court, not paying fines, etc.

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Please note: some Counties do not provide Wants and Warrants information. Report returns file date, parties involved, cause of action and case status when cases are uncovered. DBS has a list of companies you can apply through.

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