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My office is looking into this matter.

This Trump Lawyer Has Worked With Anti-Choice Radicals for Decades

Nonprofits are forbidden by law from giving excess benefits to the people responsible for running them. The group is registered with state authorities to operate and raise funds in 39 states plus Washington DC, according to its last available IRS filing.

In addition, each entity has annual independent outside audits performed by certified public accounting firms. Earlier this month, Sekulow directed fundraisers for Case to pressure hard-up Americans to donate money to the group by saying the funds were urgently needed to repeal the Affordable Care Act if they initially resisted.

The contract was signed with the Ohio-based firm Donor Care Center and covers Case fundraising activities in at least 16 states. But through all that, one person has remained a consistent presence: Jay Sekulow , a lawyer best known for championing social-conservative causes at the Supreme Court.

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He also hosts a daily radio show, which he spends several hours preparing for. One source familiar with the matter said Sekulow has played an essential role in efforts to negotiate an interview between Mueller and Trump. I think we did an outstanding job for the president.

PRESIDENTIAL FORGERY? Sheriff Joe Breaks Down Obama's Birth Certificate Legitimacy

It was an absolute pleasure to work with him. Sekulow and the lawyers working under him have done research and written internal memos.

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Breitbart , The Daily Wire , the New York Post , The Wall Street Journal , and so many other constants of conservative commentary have dutifully deflected and defended their political champion. In September , Fox Business promoted conspiracy theorist and former Rep.

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While many of these claims from the right were unstructured and unfocused, there were others that carried specific charges. By May , Fox News had begun pushing a bogus claim that the Obama administration had committed a crime by offering then-Rep. Over What? There is prison time.