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Requested by Honorable L. Henderson, Sheriff, Newberry County. Opinion on whether the Marion County Council can order the closing of the public offices of the County one day per week in order to deal with a budget deficit. Requested by William H.

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Seals, Esquire, Marion County Attorney. Opinion on the acceptance of carbon copies of checks, proffered as evidence supportive of expenditures by a fiduciary in a final accounting procedure. Requested by The Honorable Raymond C. Eubanks, Jr. Opinion concerning whether or not an elected municipal council member may give a general proxy vote to another council member to be used at all times and for all purposes when the member giving the proxy is not present at council meetings.

Opinion concerning the will of Spartan D. Granger, especially in relation to certain legacies which have lapsed because of death of the legatees are to be distributed in accordance with the residuary clause of the will or whether the lapsed shares become intestate property.

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Opinion regarding whether you may refuse to appoint a guardian for a minor when the sole basis for the appointment is to permit the minor to attend a particular school. Opinion as to whether H. Opinion regarding whether the assets of a minor should be turned over to the Probate Court fo Calhoun County since Letters Dismissory have not been issued.

Opinion regarding whether public notice must be given prior to the appointment of a guardian of a minor in the Probate Court. Opinion concerning the Will of Spartan D. Granger and whether gifts to certain legatees pursuant to Item II c of the will have lapsed. Opinion as to whether or not the office of probate judge in Richland County must be filled by an attorney. Opinion on whether funeral expenses have priority in estate assets over estate and gift taxes owed by estate. William R. Geddings, Jr. Opinion on the effective date of the operation of Section 20—7—, Code of Laws of South Carolina , the provision which pertains to the prohibition against the incarceration of status offenders.

Requested by The Honorable David H. Opinion on South Carolina Code Ann. Requested by The Honorable Louis L. Opinion regarding should out-of-state property, either personal or real, be included in the total property evaluation for the purpose of computing fees to be collected by the Probate Court. Opinion on whether South Carolina law prohibits an illegitimate child from recovering for the wrongful death of his father.

Opinion on salary of probate judge during their terms of office Section , Code of Laws, Supp.

Opinion on whether an associate judge may conduct a hearing when a probate judge has been disqualified S. Section 14—23— Opinion on the proper application of salary increases appropriated by the General Assembly for certain county officers, and related question. Opinion on Act No.

Opinion on whether the Probate Court should issue a marriage license to an adoptive brother and his sister. Requested by William A. Opinion on whether county employees, who work in the offices of county officers, but whose offices are not housed within the courthouse, are disqualified or exempted from jury service based on South Carolina Code Section or Section Opinion on whether the probate fees prescribed by Article 7 of Act of the Acts should be charged on cases which were pending on the effective date of that Act and on which previous billings had not been made.

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Act apparently took effect on July 1, Opinion on whether certain provisions in the Union County Appropriation Ordinance may be changed. Opinion concerning the propriety of issuing a charter for the incorporation of the referenced non-profit corporation. Opinion on an estate where the boundary lines between Kershaw and Lancaster Counties have changed. Opinion on whether a probate judge could charge fees for services not covered by Act No. Opinion on procedures to discharge a committee and appoint a replacement committee when a mentally retarded ward moves from the county where the original appointment of the committee was made.

Requested by The Honorable Joe A. Opinion on whether the Court of Probate possess jurisdiction to determine the existence or nonexistence of a common-law marriage when such status is relevant to a determination of the proper heirs of an estate before the Probate Court Sections 14—23— and 14—21—, Code of Laws of South Carolina, , as amended. Requested by The Honorable Grady L. Campbell, Secretary of State. Opinion on whether a guardianship for a particular child permits that child to attend school in your district.

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Investigators state Bryant solicited a minor for sex and disseminated sexually graphic material to a minor. Johnson was arrested on October 30, Investigators state Roberts possessed child pornography. Welcome to the on-line office for Attorney General Alan Wilson. Please visit the Contact Us page to stay in touch.

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All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Requested by Randolph R. Berry, Jr. Requested by G. Lee Cole, Jr. Requested by Bryan P. Read full opinion May 19, Opinion regarding dual office holding. Requested by Sean P. Thornton, Esq. King, House of Representatives, District No. Read full opinion December 23, Opinion request regarding the recent election for a Fairfield County Council seat that resulted in a victory for the incumbent by four votes.

Requested by John E. Requested by Phillip Bowers, S. Education Oversight Committee. Requested by The Honorable Kathy P. Zorn, Pickens County Probate Court. Requested by: The Honorable J. Munford Scott, Jr. Requested by: The Honorable Kenneth F. Hodges, Member, House of Representatives. Read full opinion February 3, Opinion on several issues regarding William E.

Requested by: Walter H. Sanders, Jr. Requested by: The Honorable Deirdre W. Requested by: Sammy G. Requested by: Marvin C.

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Requested by: The Honorable John L. Scott, Jr. Requested by: Brandy A. Requested by: The Honorable Vanessa C. Bowers, Clerk of Court, Newberry County Read full opinion May 7, Opinion as to whether the Jasper County Council has the authority to require the County Treasurer to provide an employee of her office to work at an administrative satellite office the County Council recently established at a location outside the county seat. Requested by: The Honorable Rodger E. Requested by: The Honorable Robert W. Hayes, Jr. Read full opinion Requested by: The Honorable F.

Howell, Esquire July 10, Opinion regarding the burial of the bodies of indigent individuals. Read full opinion Requested by: The Honorable A.

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Shane Massey, Member, SC Senate October 28, Opinion questioning whether a member of the New Ellenton city council who lives in an area no longer considered a part of or annexed to the City of New Ellenton, may continue to serve out his term of office or does he have to resign. Stewart, Jr. Read full opinion Requested by: Brian T. Read full opinion Requested by: Lance C.