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The fee is not refundable.

Tennessee Divorce Forms and Information

Payment in advance by check, money order or credit card is required. There is no charge for an e-mail scan of up to five 5 pages from one volume of Acts of Tennessee. If the record is found, a copy will be mailed or e-mailed to you. Orders will be filled promptly and in the order that they are received.

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If needed, the Library and Archives can certify a copy of a record held in our collection. If you think certification may be needed, please indicate this when the initial copy order is placed , as we cannot certify after-the-fact any copies that have left our facility. We cannot certify copies of items that we have not copied ourselves.

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Here are the most popular documents to file with the court:. You should be highly attentive, to fill these forms accurately by yourself. You can just order and print them from the website. We have already understood with you that the Online divorce is a rare service that helps you to complete the divorce papers faster and cheaper.

You will definitely pay the triple fee for the attorney help. We are recommended by many lawyers and grateful clients, so it is solely your deal which service to choose. In Tennessee, child support laws are truly essential for the whole divorce proceeding. The court takes into account such items of the child custody as:.

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The child should be supported even if one of the parents has some current financial difficulties. The couple may also use the help of the attorney to develop the case and stipulate all the child custody issues. The spousal support plays a significant role in the divorce process as well. The spouses have different incomes and abilities. It can be a highly disputable issue to agree on the rules of the spousal support.

There are several aspects that the court will surely take into account during the divorce proceeding, here they are:. The spouses try to prove their rightness in this question, they can hire the attorneys and defend their position, but only after the detailed observation, the court can make any decision regarding the spousal support.

According to the Tennessee legislation, there are two types of the family property: marital and separate. The spouses should show the Supreme Court their checks, details of the process of buying this or that thing. The hard task of the court is not to miss a tiny feature and share the property as fairly as possible.

The Mediation proceeding helps the spouses to get an agreement on all the trouble items. The third party, usually an attorney or a mediator, appoints several meetings for negotiations and assists all of them. The Mediation is an integral part of the Contested Divorce where the spouses cannot come to the agreement. When the consensus is finally found, the Mediator assures the court that the mediation process is already completed. View all reviews. If another spouse ignores the divorce proceedings and does not want to answer the Petitioner, such divorce is called a Default one. Regarding Tennessee legislation, the Default divorce is a bit harder process.

You have to file these 2 significant documents with the court. The following step for the court is to stipulate the hearing date, mediation process, regulate the child custody and spousal support questions, etc. The Default divorce is slightly more expensive than the No-Fault one. It depends on the additional expenses, but according to your case, the duration and price of the documents can vary.

Needless to say, that the No-Fault divorce is much easier, less expensive and the most convenient way of the divorce. If the divorce is the No-Fault one and you have minor children, the waiting period of the whole proceeding is 90 days. If you do not have children in total, it can take only 10 days or fewer, that is really comfortable.

The TN Divorce Process: How Divorces Work Start to Finish

To have the Default divorce hearing in the Tennessee State you have to prove that you have already notified your spouse about your plans. In general, you should notify your spouse the last time about the court hearing 10 days before the hearing itself. Be sure, that your spouse has really everything needed for the divorce. The court will examine all the details of the current annulment of the marriage and will appoint the court hearing date. The Legal Separation means that the legal marriage is not terminated, however, the spouses live separately.

The legislation of the Tennessee State allows the spouses to have the separation, but anyway it is strictly prohibited to marry another person until your current marriage is over. The spouses can have the legal separation approximately 1 year and then it is better to divorce officially.

Adoption and Surrender Forms

According to Obergefell v. Hodges, on June 26, , the same-sex marriages and divorces were allowed in the USA.

Pro Se Divorce Forms

The same-sex couples got similar rights for the main divorce issues as any other divorcing couple. In the Tennessee State, it is so easy for the same-sex spouses to get a divorce, there are some peculiarities of this event, here they are:.

As you can see, the same-sex divorces are completely equal to the regular or traditional ones, but, as in any case, they may include several difficulties. You may send the divorce documents to your military spouse by Certified email or post. You also can deliver them by the Sheriff or by yourself. The Divorce rules are the same as the usual ones for the military type of the marriage termination.

The spouse who is in a jail has the same rights for the divorce proceeding, like any other person. You can send the papers also by the post or with the help of the police. Court filing fees are in addition to the cost of using DivorceFiller. This cost may vary by county. Please check with your local courthouse to determine the exact amount. In the Tennessee State, you should first have the evidence, that you cannot manage to pay for the divorce. In order to have the waived fee, you need to sign the Affidavit for the court. Well, the divorce proceedings are the inevitable part of usual life, everybody can face such problems.

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  • Our duty is to make you feel better and more confident during the divorce process. Moreover, you will economize your time and money. We are ready to assist you whenever you need our help. Be strong and think positively with us.