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Yahoo! has introduced a photo app integrated into Yahoo! Mail, using which, ...

New community-based features foster greater user interaction in ways that weren't possible before, including the ability to comment, rate and tag family and friends' photos. People can now exchange comments on shared pictures, add tags to help organize each other's photos, and rate them for simple searching. Also, deep integration across the Yahoo!

Mail, Messenger, Mobile and , gives users a universally accessible location where they can view photos that family and friends have shared.

Yahoo unleashes mobile redesign across Mail, Homepage, Search and more

The Yahoo! Photos beta is currently in a testing phase, available to a limited group of U.

As the No. Users can order professional quality prints online for pick-up at a local Target store within one hour, place ship-to-home orders or order personalized photo gifts such as photo stamps, books and cards. A free service with unlimited storage, Yahoo! Photos is the most complete photo sharing service and includes deep integration across the Yahoo! Mail, Messenger, Mobile and And of course, the emerging new Internet models were a Wild West.

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I started to think about the ISP market and how the inbox has evolved and changed in the last 10 years. AOL — gone. Swallowed by Verizon.

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So what happens next in the evolution of Yahoo! With the combination of Yahoo!

The analysts are of one mind on this one: No one expects any real changes now, as ABC News reports :. Looking ahead, however, once the integrations of those properties are consummated, and with the search power and advertising capabilities that Verizon will now have access to, getting into a Verizon inbox will be based on increased factors, including relevancy, targeting, and user-engaged behavior.

You can look to the past but embrace the future, which is exactly what Google did … and look where they are.

Yahoo just made it super easy to find all your e-mailed photos | VentureBeat

Side note: In AOL still had approximately 2. Remember dial-up? David has over 20 years' experience providing senior leadership in the marketing industry.

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